Know the Impact

The things humans make and consume has an impact on health, climate and the environment - positive and negative! Not all the impact is obvious, the obvious ones being adverse weather and health consequences. The rest of the impact is being assessed by the tireless work of research and non-profit organizations. Accessing this information conveniently and piecing together the information is time consuming.

Earthly is like the Consumer Reports for everyday products. It's gives you the impact that the products have on health, climate and environment.

Make brands align with your values

Are the product ingredients toxic and best avoided? Were animals harmed while developing these products? Were the people involved equitably paid, or was it made by children who ought to have been in school? Are any ingredients responsible for destruction of one of a kind habitats? Brands and the online sites you shop on will seldom give you this information.

Earthly overlays ratings on products as you shop on, taking into account all the attributes that make up the product's impact on health, environment and society (as opposed to a single "Organic" or "fair trade" tag).

...because corporations are just trying to meet your demand, at the cheap price you want, as fast as you want it

Armed with the data, you are empowered to buy better and support the causes you care about directly through your shopping.

Earthly empowers consumers to swing the pendulum in favor of companies that are mindful of their impact to consumers, their homes and the planet.

Earthly's Sustainability Dimensions

Earthly’s scoring and reporting on sustainability is based on 6 pillars: Harmful Chemicals, Waste Consciousness, Low Footprint, Protecting Animals, Social Responsibility and Habitat Preservation. Based on these, we either flag products that we’ve found to be less than desirable, or recommending products that have goodness in them.

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Toxins and Chemicals

Products these days contain an alarming number of chemicals ingredients. This is mainly because chemicals can be manufactured far more cheaply and in bulk when compared to any natural equivalents. However, an alarming number of chemicals have been found to be harmful to humans and other lifeforms. These includes both confirmed and possible carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, immune disruptors. These substances affect the health of adults, children and pets, as well as entire ecosystems when released into the environment

We take the highest precautions when evaluating products, making sure we inform you even if ingredients are suspected to have toxicity effects.

Our commitment to Evidence

At Earthly, we look past the marketing copy and base our rating of products on evidence and first principles. We also look further than information provided by companies themselves or influencers promoting their products, to ensure we always remain 100% objective.