The 411 on Earthly

What is Earthly?

Earthly’s mission is to be the 'consumer reports' for everyday products you buy online. Earthly's ratings and labels empower people to buy better and support causes they care about directly through their everyday shopping habits. The ratings are data driven, taking into account the multitude of attributes that make up each product's impact on health, environment and society (as opposed to a single "organic” or “fair trade” tag).

Our first product is a free chrome extension that automatically overlays research insights as you shop on, helping you buy better everyday. It is powered by technology that blends together good old-fashioned journalism with the latest in data science to bring you the story behind the products you buy. We invite you to take a look at what we're building, and talk to us about how we can work together.

Who is Earthly intended for?

Anyone who:
(1) Shops online and wants to know everything there is to know about a product
(2) Wants real science, cutting through the marketing fluff
(3) Intends to consume more consciously but isn’t satisfied with their ability to do so.
(4) Seeks out cleaner, lower impact products.
(5) Is curious and passionate about what they put into their bodies, bring into their homes and put out into the environment.

Earthly could be particularly useful to:
(1) Parents of younger kids who need to be vigilant about the chemicals they bring into their homes.
(2) People prone to allergies, respiratory difficulties, hormonal imbalances
(3) Vegan, ethical and animal cruelty free consumers
(4) Environmental and sustainability enthusiasts

Curious about how your toothpaste, your shampoo, your deodorant, your sunscreen, your cleaner etc. stack up? Earthly can tell you!

What is Earthly's approach to rating products?

Earthly helps you find products that are better for your body, safe for your home and great for our planet. What's tested to be good for your body doesn't necessarily have to be good for other organisms, and vice versa. We simply arm you with data to help you make the most informed purchase decision.

Our approach begins with first principles, starting with the ingredients listed. Is the listing complete, or if it contains generic terms listed instead of actual compounds (e.g., fragrance, surfactant etc.). We flag products that don't pass our sniff test on ingredients with the ingredients transparency label. Next, we cross reference the ingredients against designated lists and databases of chemicals (NIH, EPA etc.) that include carcinogens, allergens, environmental toxins, endocrine disruptors, immune disruptors etc. We check if any ingredients have material impact on habitats (e.g., palm oil derived ingredients have decimated virgin rainforests for the last 30 years). Lastly, we look at the company that makes these products, what their ethics are, where they stand on animal cruelty, fair trade and using non-GMO ingredients etc. And voila, a more holistic picture emerges about the story behind the product and the impact that it will have on the consumer and the environment

How do I interpret Earthly labels?

Products with Earthly label overlays matched information that we deemed important and useful to help make better purchase decisions (see Earthly's sustainability criteria). Labels consist of 3 components:
(1) The leaf rating is indicative of how the labelled product ranks in comparison to all other labeled products within the same top level category
(2) Flags that indicate what we've found about the product from our research (e.g., Contains toxins, Uses palm oil etc.)
(3) Any certifications that the product has received from accredited certifying agencies.

Why doesn't every product have a label?

Our north star vision is to have detailed information on every product in the universe. We'll be first to acknowledge that there are a lot of products out there! We've started with a small set of products in a handful of categories, scrutinizing them along a handful of dimensions. We're only getting started validating our hypothesis - that providing users with better information than what's presented to them on e-commerce product cards or packaging, can have lasting impact on people's health and that of the planet.

Does Earthly make money from labeled products?

No. We know that economic incentives and doing the right thing aren't always aligned. We aren't affiliated with any of the products that we label to make it clear that we are all about providing value to the conscious shopper.